Shopping list

Hair dye and wigs ‘on shopping list’ of murder suspects who fled to Ireland after stabbing in UK

“10 days after the murder they were arrested by the Irish Gardai in the Republic of Ireland and, following extradition proceedings”

Kane Hull, 29, and Liam Craig Porter, 33, were ‘helped by friends’ who booked accommodation and provided them with stolen cars after a man was stabbed to death in Carlisle, Cumbria, on September 18 last year.

Carlisle Crown Court heard how Hull and Porter were held after a three-night stay at Grandad’s Place, Carracastle – 10 days after the death of 24-year-old Ryan Kirkpatrick.

That’s when officers retrieved the shopping list – seen by jurors – which included “hair dye, glasses, hat/wig, masks”. “More attempts to evade the police,” prosecutor Tim Evans alleged to a jury.

Hull and Porter deny the alleged murder and manslaughter of Mr Kirkpatrick. Jurors heard he was pronounced dead at the scene of an attack which happened outside a bar and restaurant in Carlyle’s Court, central Carlisle, in front of passers-by just after 8.45pm.

Mr Kirkpatrick had previously attended a christening. Hull and Porter, meanwhile, were together at a pub in the city’s suburbs which they left in a blue Volvo around 8 p.m.

Prosecutor Tim Evans said there had been “bad blood” between Hull and Mr Kirkpatrick before. Carlyle’s Court CCTV captured Hull’s arrival before an initial incident in which he took a drink, threw its contents and walked towards Mr Kirkpatrick before a confrontation and failed at the glass.

Soon after, Hull and Porter left Carlyle’s Court. Fifteen minutes later, the Volvo reportedly returned to the compound with two men exiting. These men wore dark clothes and had their faces covered.

A man – alleged by the prosecution to be Hull – was carrying a knife which was “clearly visible” on CCTV. He ran straight at Mr Kirkpatrick and stabbed him ‘several times’ before the two masked men fled, driving off in the Volvo.

“Tragically, despite the best efforts of his friends, then the police and then the paramedics, Mr Kirkpatrick was pronounced dead at Carlyle’s Court at 9-10 p.m.,” Mr Evans said.

He alleged that the fatal stabbing “was by the hand of Hull” – who was allegedly identified by a witness despite his attempt at disguise – and that Porter was there “as a party, supporting the plan to stab Mr. Kirkpatrick”. “In other words, they were together,” Mr Evans alleged. “They came to the bar with the joint plan that Ryan Kirkpatrick was to be stabbed. They got together, Crown says, they acted together and after the stabbings they fled together.

Jurors heard that a vehicle matching the Volvo S40 was found burnt out near a marshland northwest of Carlisle shortly after the incident. It had come on minutes before Mr Kirkpatrick was pronounced dead.

Opening the case, Mr Evans also alleged: “You will hear that in the days following the murder, these defendants – aided by friends – took significant steps to evade the police and avoid arrest. These steps involved changing phones several times; check for new addresses they weren’t connected to multiple times; acquire several different vehicles and, on September 22 last year, first travel to Northern Ireland by ferry from Stranraer.

Mr Evans alleged that Hull and Porter, after a few days, ‘fled then’ to the Republic of Ireland which was, he said, ‘where their flight ended’.

“On September 28, 10 days after the murder, they were arrested by the Irish Gardai in the Republic of Ireland and, after extradition proceedings, were brought back to the UK to stand trial before you.”

Solicitors representing Hull, of no fixed address, and Porter, of Fulmar Place, Carlisle, say the pair agree to be present during the initial incident at Carlyle’s Court, but not the second, in which Mr Kirkpatrick was fatally stabbed.

Toby Hedworth KC, for Hull, said: ‘It is denied that Kane Hull was present at Carlyle’s Court at around 8.47pm that evening or was in any way involved in the violence inflicted on Ryan Kirkpatrick at that time -the. It is admitted that, fearing being wrongly accused of inflicting violence on Ryan Kirkpatrick, Kane Hull subsequently took steps to avoid arrest.

The trial, which is expected to last up to three weeks, is continuing.