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Fairfax County Police Receive New Evidence to Aid Cart Killer Investigation

Fairfax County police are reviewing new evidence to help uncover more details about the Shopping Cart Killer, a man accused of killing at least four women in Virginia.

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The Moon Inn Hotel gave Fairfax County police large plastic bags filled with receipts and accommodation records to determine how often the cart killer visited.

FOX 5’s Sierra Fox spoke with the daughter of one of the victims who said her mother met Anthony Robinson on a dating app and was on the phone with her while they were together at a hotel in Harrisonburg.

“I spoke with her while she was in the room with him and I asked her where she was and who she was with and she told me what hotel she was in, but she didn’t tell me room or who she was with,” said Elizabeth Redmon’s daughter, Amanda May.

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Redmon’s remains were found in a vacant lot in Harrisonburg with 39-year-old Tonita Lorice.

Robinson is currently behind bars and charged with two counts of first degree murder and disposing of the bodies of these two women.

In December, more human remains were found in a plastic container near a shopping cart in a secluded wooded area on the Richmond Highway in Alexandria.

Fairfax County police are still awaiting DNA confirmation of these two deaths. However, they say one of those victims is Cheyenne Brown, 29, of Southeast DC, after family members recognized a tattoo bearing her name.

The fourth victim has not yet been identified. Police believe he may be missing Californian Stephanie Harrison.


Robinson’s attorney says he will be in a Harrisonburg courtroom in May.