Shopping cart

Epic continues to disable the Fortnite shopping cart because players keep using it to swipe under the map

Fortnite’s shopping cart is a lot of fun – but it doesn’t look like Epic is kidding.

Fortnite’s first vehicle – if you can call it that – has been added and removed from the battle royale game multiple times since it went live in May as Epic struggled to stop players using it to slide under the menu.

This week, Epic added the shopping cart back into the game only to remove it a few hours later.

The basket only lasted a few hours before being removed earlier this week.

So what’s going on? In short, players used it to get under the map. Before the cart was removed from play for the final time, players did so by jumping into the cart before building a pyramid above them. Once under the map, all players had to do was jump from the cart and they were free to explore and even shoot other players without them even knowing you were there.

As you might expect, there are a large number of probably redundant Fortnite shopping cart problem tutorial videos on YouTube. Obviously, that’s not how Epic intends people to play Fortnite, so it’s easy to see why the cart is currently down. But that’s a real shame, because the shopping cart is a lot of fun to use and one of the coolest additions to the game since its release. The question is whether the devs will be able to sort out the cart so it doesn’t break the game. Given that the Fortnite player base will no doubt test the cart to its limits if and when it returns, Epic might do -be better to just skip the thing.