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Documents, court appearance reveals gruesome new details in ‘Caddy Killer’ case

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – The alleged “cart killer” appeared in court Monday for the first time in more than four months, facing felony charges in connection with the deaths of two women in Harrisonburg in 2021.

Anthony Eugene Robinson of Washington, DC was arrested in November 2021, facing two counts of first degree murder and two counts of concealing a corpse. The charges stemmed from the remains of two women – Allene Elizabeth “Beth” Redmon, 54, of Harrisonburg, and Tonita Lorice Smith, 39, of Charlottesville – discovered in a vacant lot in the town of Harrisonburg in the fall of this year , near Linda Lane. Authorities say the women’s bodies were found a few meters apart, but they are believed to have been killed separately.

In response, the Fairfax and Harrisonburg police departments held a joint press conference in December last year, providing information on the suspected serial killer. Three additional victims have been identified – two in Fairfax County and one in Washington, D.C. Although authorities have alleged Robinson was responsible for their deaths, his only charges are currently out of Harrisonburg.

“If you don’t know where the murder took place, then the case is being pursued where the body is found,” 8News legal analyst Russ Stone said. “The other cases involving the other potential victims of this individual, we don’t know exactly why they haven’t been charged yet. But I saw something that said prosecutors, I believe, in Fairfax had indicated that They thought Harrisonburg’s business was the strongest, and they were just going to wait and see what happened with that business first.

Stone said that in a case such as this, where there are multiple alleged victims in various jurisdictions, it would not be uncommon for one jurisdiction to wait to see what evidence is presented and decisions made in another court, before proceeding. decide how to proceed. .

“There are a lot of resources — taxpayer funds and things like that — that go into pursuing a case of this magnitude,” Stone said. “All the prosecutors’ offices certainly talk to each other. They compare their notes. Harrisonburg and Fairfax probably discussed that, you know, “this is what we have.”

Robinson’s appearance in court on Monday prompted the judge to move the case forward, which will take place in Rockingham Circuit Court. Another hearing is scheduled for Monday, September 19.

“The Commonwealth is required to present evidence to show the judge that they have probable cause to believe that these offenses took place and that the accused is the one who committed them,” Stone said. “In a case of this magnitude, it would be, frankly, rare for a lawyer to waive the preliminary inquiry because, as serious as the charges are, you want to hear what the evidence is.”

According to the Harrisonburg news outlet, the Daily News-Recordthe Rockingham County Commonwealth attorney shared security camera video of Redmon entering room 336 of the Howard Johnson on Linda Lane in October 2021, where investigators believe Robinson was staying at the time.

Court documents obtained by 8News confirmed that prosecutors asked the court to hold Robinson without bond during his initial arrest, citing “video footage of at least 1 body with Def., both bodies found together in the woods” .

Court documents also indicated that Robinson was working for Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation in Timberville at the time.

The Daily News-Record further reported that surveillance video shown by prosecutors in court on Monday showed the defendant pulling a shopping cart out of the hotel room with something that appeared to be wrapped in sheets. Similar video evidence was reportedly released in November, showing Smith entering the hotel room with Robinson, then later pulling a shopping cart from the room with something wrapped in sheets.

According to testimony at Monday’s hearing, as reported by the Daily News-Record, questioned by Harrisonburg police after his initial arrest, Robinson said the two women overdosed on “white pills” while he was sleeping and dumped their bodies in the field because he didn’t know what else to do.

The newspaper further reported that an autopsy report from Smith and Redmon stated that a plastic bag was found around each woman’s head and that their arms were tied behind their backs with a “thick black thread. “, which was allegedly purchased at a Walmart on October 1. 22.

The medical examiner ruled that the deaths were due to lethal violence and possibly suffocation, although the exact cause of death of the two women is undetermined, according to the Daily News-Record.

Court documents obtained by 8News noted that the medical examiner’s findings and reports were not disclosed to the Commonwealth Prosecutor until “on or about” April 30, 2022. The documents also noted that Robinson’s family ties lie in the Washington, DC area.

8News reached out to Rockingham County Solicitor Marsha Garst and Deputy Commonwealth Solicitor Christopher Bean, but both declined to comment.

According to the Daily News-Record, Wetherell testified on Monday that investigators did an “extensive study” of Robinson’s phone and located more than 12,000 URL links to porn sites, viewed between August and his November arrest. The report further states that Garst told the court that certain videos viewed directly after each woman’s death matched descriptions of each woman’s physique.

8News contacted Robinson’s defense attorney but did not receive a response.

The next hearing in this case is scheduled for Monday, September 19. Stone said that at that time, evidence will be presented to a grand jury and a court date will either be set for the trial or for another proceeding, depending on the agreement. achieved between the parties present.