Shopping list

Do you want a celebrity to make your shopping list for you? As unbelievable as it sounds, there is an app for that.

Although this application has not been implemented in our country, instacart This is one of the last examples where the ‘famous postman’ ensures new users almost like magic. The app for buy online in supermarkets of all the United States, in a recent posting on his website, showed one of his new features, in what they called “the launch of a new collection of inspiring shopping content and integrated experiences.” be the first protagonist Grammy-winning singer Lizzoit looks like the app will introduce the experience soon The world is your basketwhich will facilitate see shopping lists of this kind of personalities.

Instacart is teaming up with celebrities and influencers to make shopping carts a breeze. instacart

An app to make purchases, which adds the possibility of acquiring the same products as celebrities and influencers

The instacart target is the power Inspire to customers during a purchase, that is, if you are not sure what you have to buy and you need an application or the supermarket itself to encourage you to buy. In any case, the company will also add the functionality Instacart Tastemakerswhich will allow celebrities content creators Gain silver every time your subscribers use the app to place your orders at the on-call supermarket. The publication states that:

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing more ways for our partners to share their content, strengthening the ecosystem we’re creating for brands and retailers.

The Apps point the articles in the Shopping list or to acquire online products are usually much more direct in their functions. Without leaving too much room for imagination and entertainment, we normally use them for a specific purpose and not for spending free time. It seems that instacart wants to put an end to this type of use, extend the time that their users pass in front of the phone screen using the application.

instacart also has the option of find the best recipes, from those content creators we mentioned earlier, and that’s where the entertainment factor comes in, as the company says it wants “every recipe and ingredient on the internet to be purchased in-app “. Earlier this year, the company launched its ‘purchasable recipes’ and the integration with TikTok, allowing app users to add ingredients from videos to cart. By the way, if you want to surprise your friends and family in the kitchen, these are the apps recommended by Urban Tecno.