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Desert Hot Springs toughens shopping cart ordinance

If you’ve traveled Desert Hot Springs over the past year, you may have noticed more and more shopping carts wandering the streets.

The Desert Hot Springs City Council is revising its existing shopping cart ordinance, so more stores will do more when it comes to having their shopping carts stolen.

At the city council meeting earlier this month, Mayor Scott Matas said, “In recent memory last year, we kind of saw an increase. Where they come from, we don’t know.

The problem has grown noticeably over the past year, even after the city implemented an ordinance in 2009 that said stores must take preventative measures to ensure their carts are not removed from the property of the store.

With the recent increase in carts left on streets and vacant lots, the city council has agreed to update the ordinance with stricter rules.

According to council member Russell Betts, all shops will now be required to lock their trolleys. Before, there was an option to attach poles to carts so they wouldn’t leave the store, but that didn’t prove effective.

Not only will stores have to do what they can to keep the carts on property, but it will now be illegal for people to take the carts.

Council member Betts said he believes it will bring better and healthier shopping experiences to the public.

“When you push a cart all over town, you end up with wobbly wheels because it crosses the rough sidewalk,” he explained. “They also get dirty. So the idea is just to keep the carts in good shape where they are.

The idea of ​​keeping shopping carts off the streets is the city’s initiative to make Desert Hot Springs a more beautiful city according to Betts.

A second reading of the updated order will take place on March 15. From there, stores that don’t have cart locks will receive a more accurate timeline of when the updates go into effect.