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Crush your weekly shopping list and save up to $100 now as an Amazon Prime member

Bonus savings are in stock for Amazon Prime members. Get all your daily essentials for less – much less! (Photos: Amazon)

One of the main advantages of an Amazon Prime subscription: great offers and benefits like this! Currently, Amazon runs a “Fill Up and Save” Event which gives you an additional 20% off when you fill your cart with select Amazon-branded essentials, including daily household needs, beauty products, office supplies, groceries, pet needs and Moreover. These prices rival those you’ll find at your nearest wholesaler – and save you the trip and the hassle.

Spend $50 to unlock the extra savings and you’ll clear your shopping list (the maximum bonus discount you’ll receive is $100). There’s even a helpful progress bar at the top that shows how close you are to reaching the deal, and you’ll be pleased to see the total savings will be highlighted at checkout.

If you’re not a Prime member yet, no worries – now’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the 30 day free trial and reap those rewards.

Check out some of the goodies included in this deal below, then check them off your weekly list. Prices reflect the amount after discount. Shop the full list of eligible essentials here.

We don’t know how long this offer will last, so stock up while you can!

“I’m a toilet paper snob” writes a satisfied customer. “Listen, I’m delicate and snobbish and petty and I like to be pampered. I only use the best of the best for my behind…[Presto!] It’s not just soft – it’s durable and the rollers are thick and it doesn’t cause itching, soreness or dry buttocks. I love this PT. LOVE… Everyone in the family agrees that it’s better than Cottonelle or Charmin or Angel Soft. We don’t buy anything else.”

May you go with good humor blue/white/yellow stack or candy pink/green/grey color combo, you will get three shades, so you can designate different uses for each color. Say blue for the bath, yellow for the kitchen and white for the windows.

One of more than 42,700 five-star fans said: “Ideal for all cleaning needs. I have used them on all types of cleaning around the house – windows, floors, countertops, baseboards. Easy to clean by hand or in the washing machine. They are quite soft to scrub all the paint left by the builders on all the window frames and the vinyl fence They have been a great help to me when cleaning the house I will never use any other type of cloth for cleaning.Plus, they’re cheap enough to replace when they’re too worn.

Do not throw money in garbage bags. Amazon’s Best Selling 13 Gallon Bags (120 units) are durable, reliable and only cost 12 cents a bag with this offer! (If you think it’s low, the 200-pack comes in at 7 cents a bag!) And they have around 89,200 five-star ratings!

“Strong bags,” wrote a five star review. “I couldn’t tell any difference between these and their brand name counterpart except they cost about $2.30 less for 120 bags and the .mil rating for these is 0.9. Some brands fames were only worth .78 mil of what they call the bag, or its super duper strength, the one and only aspect that matters is the .mil number, the higher the .mil number, the better the bag.

It’s time to take stock of your first aid kit. You can restock everything from bandages and Isopropylic alcohol to over-the-counter medications and vitamins at this Fuel Up and Save Event! These flexible fabric bandages accompany your movements while protecting your sores. And over 8,600 reviewers have given them a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating!

This buyer prefers them over more expensive brands“The adhesive bandage just got better! Having used bandages and other adhesive bandages for decades, I opted for soft fabric bandages for their quick healing results. But one thing that bothered me with most adhesive bandages, especially the Band-Aid brand, is that the glue is way too strong So strong that when I peel it off a finger when it’s wet, instead of a diaper that peels off, the whole bandage slips off the finger possibly scratching the wound. Not this one. The glue is strong enough to last 12-24 hours but peels off when desired.”

Don’t stuff your pooch with fillers and additives. Feed them healthy foods. These freeze-dried treats are made with 100% chicken (Where beef Where lamb, if you prefer). No extra bric-a-brac. Sourced and freeze-dried in the USA

Over 4,800 buyers have given them a perfect five-star rating, saying they’re for dogs in training and sensitive stomachs too! “Happy Dog,” raved a proud puppy-parent. “Our dog can only eat hypoallergenic foods. The vet suggested freeze-dried pure meat treats…He’s an A++ student when he uses them.” Another wrote“These treats are as good as other brands that cost double. Plus, a vet-approved treat for my 13-year-old dog in the late stages of chronic kidney disease!”

Two thousand swabs for 11 dollars? you would pay $25 for the same number of Q-tips. Over 4,600 shoppers have already given these Amazon Basics swabs a perfect five-star rating, and fans say they’re just as good as the other big brands. “These are like the national ‘Q’ brand and work just as well, for a lot less money,” writes a very satisfied customer. “Kids crafts, applying cream to scratches, cleaning pesky corners, you always need those cotton swabs… Thanks, Amazon! Another thing on my grocery list!”

Don’t forget to take something snackable for yourself. There are plenty of groceries to stock up on in this deal for Prime members: from coffee and snack bars galore, such as this popular (and delicious) trail mix.

One of over 9,700 five-star reviews applauded“Love it – real M&Ms, lots of cashews and almonds! I’m absolutely in love with this trail mix. The price of this trail mix seems like a bargain considering the contents…I usually fill a one-cup container with trail mix and keep it in my work bag.”

Also put this fabulous beauty tool in your shopping cart. All nine mini razors are ready to shape your brows and dermaplane your beautiful face, and over a thousand five-star buyers say they work great!

A delirious: “Must-have beauty tool. Every woman or man looking for a quick alternative to removing chin hair with tweezers must have this tool. I’ve always felt like if you shave your the face, it would grow back denser. NOT true! exfoliates and leaves your face as smooth as a baby’s bottom.”

Did you hear Prime Day is happening again? Amazon’s Prime Early Access sale takes place October 11-12, but you must be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of the deals. Here’s how you can Sign up for a free trial, which also offers free delivery. See all our Prime Early Access sale coverage here and shop it first Prime Day deals here.

The reviews quoted above reflect the most current versions at the time of publication.