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Craighead County’s Best Real Estate Deals Include Mall and Commercial Land

Erving Ridge Consulting & Development LLC completed the largest residential and commercial property transfer in Craighead County, from May 15 to June 15, according to the Craighead County Assessor’s Office. The company spent $6.9 million to buy a mall that includes Pet Smart on Highland Drive. The transaction closed on June 1.

Seth and Jordan Prater made the second largest real estate purchase in the area during the period. The Praters bought commercial acres on Fair Park Boulevard for $1.3 million. The transaction closed on May 31.

In the area’s third-largest real estate transaction, the Cathcart Family Living Trust purchased a home in Country Club Heights. The deal was for $1.187 million and closed on June 1.

Here are the other top deals during the period in the county.

Amount of the transaction: 1.1 million dollars
Seller: Joe William Verser
Buyer: Dennis and Kay Noell
Sale date: June 3
Address: Big Creek
Description: house

Amount of the transaction: 1.1 million dollars
Seller: Michael and Janet Parkey
Buyer: CTD Jr. DDS Enterprises LLC
Sale date: June 6
Address: 906 Enterprise Drive
Description: dental practice

Transaction amount: $925,000
Seller: Jerry & Elizabeth Donohue
Purchaser: Northwestward LLC
Sale date: June 1
Address: 1825 E. Nettleton
Description: shopping center

Transaction amount: $850,000
Seller: Steve and Gina Tricarico
Buyer: Carole Myers & Michael and Jamie Allsup
Sale date: May 27
Address: N/A
Description: house

Transaction amount: $767,000
Seller: Glenn Smith
Buyer: John Stuckey
Sale date: June 2
Address: N/A
Description: residential acres

Transaction amount: $750.00
Seller: Asphalt Producers LLC
Buyer: Delta Asphalt of Arkansas Inc.
Sale date: May 23
Address: Craighead County Road 202
Description: asphalt operations

Transaction amount: $725,000
Seller: Bradley and Jessica Cooper
Buyer: James and Sandra Warwick
Sale date: May 27
Address: N/A
Description: house