Shopping list

Costco Reddit’s Homemade Shopping List Can’t Get Enough

Fortunately, a Reddit the user found an ingenious solution. They created their own personalized Costco shopping list that hangs like a magnet on their fridge. The list is a checklist of all the things they might want to buy at Costco with a laminated exterior for easy dry-erase use. Items are grouped by product type, such as fresh produce, meat and dairy, ensuring nothing is missing from any given aisle. It even has an “other” section to write down any extras that aren’t already on the regular list.

There are other digital versions of pre-made Costco listings floating around the internet, like the version on hungry pastime, but these are printable or sometimes exclusively online. So it’s a little harder to quickly tick a box on the fridge when you’re using the last milk. Plus, as anyone who’s been to Costco knows, this is no ordinary grocery store. Even grocery list template blocks like those in The container store don’t include some of the specialty items that draw people to Costco. They also don’t always have things that only need to be bought once in a while, like Costco brand muffins or extra large quantities of olive oil.