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Contents of Cristian Zuzunaga’s holiday basket

Cristian Zuzunaga is the founder, artist and creative engine of the award-winning home textiles and fashion brand, Zuzunaga. A Barcelona native born to a Catalan mother and a Peruvian father; Cristian is curious and explorer by nature, a trait he attributes to his multicultural upbringing. A biology student turned typo/graphic design graduate, the designer’s early fascination with microscopes inspired him to magnify and dissect the patterns and images in his work – creating the brands’ iconic graphic designs that double as art. portable and usable.

This week we caught up with Cristian Zuzunaga, the founder, artist and designer of popular textile brand Zuzunaga, to see what’s in his Christmas basket.

Zuzunaga officially founded her eponymous label in 2010, with a mission to explore what it means to be human by creating timeless, gender-neutral and sustainable textiles. “Color is at the heart of everything we do,” says Zuzunaga. The brand’s designs transform designers’ holistic inspirations – such as nature, urban environments, architecture and psychology – into eye-catching geometric works of art that elevate moods and spaces at the same time. Zuzunaga’s renowned classics include the Pixel collection of multicolored pixelated cushions and scarves, and the Bitmap collection of locally inspired throws and accessories. With sustainability at the heart of Zuzunaga’s philosophy, each piece is constructed using organic and traceable materials, using environmentally friendly techniques and partnering with local artisans wherever possible. With a creative portfolio that runs the gamut – from print and photography to sculpture and furniture design – and a list of collaborators ranging from the Tate Gallery to Camper, Ligne Roset and others, the basket by Cristian Zuzunaga is one we’re particularly looking forward to diving into. Let’s see what the multi-hyphenate has in its Christmas basket:

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