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Compare the prices of your back to school shopping list at Target, Amazon and more

It’s hard to believe, but summer is almost over, which means you’re probably well into your back to school shopping. You want your kids to have the best of everything, but you also need to stick to a budget.

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According to the National Retail Federation, the average household is expected to spend $864 on back-to-school shopping in 2022, up $15 from last year. Total spending by families with children in elementary through high school is expected to hit a record $37 billion spent in 2021.

You probably still have items left on your back-to-school shopping list, ranging from last-minute school supplies to wardrobe essentials.

No doubt you already have enough on your plate, so GOBankingRates has done the research for you. Here’s a look at the prices of the most popular school supplies at some of the nation’s largest retailers and online marketplaces.


Whether your children are in elementary school or high school, a backpack is an essential. While a backpack should last a few school years, maybe fall is when your child needs a new one.

For the youngest, Walmart offers superhero backpacks – Superman and Batman – which come with removable lunch bags for $16.96and Target sells Disney Princess, Minions, and “Paw Patrol” book bags for a regular price of $18.99.

For older children, the well-known brand JanSport starts at $34.99 to the target and $32 at Amazon. As this is something your child will wear every day, you’ll probably want to get their opinion before making a purchase to make sure it’s the right size and does everything it should. do, including having enough space to carry a laptop.

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Lunch boxes

Some children buy lunch at school, but others prefer home-prepared meals. If your kids fall into the latter group, they’ll need a durable lunch box to keep their food fresh.

Ideal for those who like variety, Amazon sells a five-compartment Bentgo Kids lunch box for $27.99 that makes room for a sandwich, fruit, yogurt and more. Target also offers a selection of PVC-free insulated Thermos brand lunch kits for $9.99 and Walmart offers an Arctic Zone Insulated Lunch Bag – complete with food container, water bottle and ice pack – for $9.96. 11972, Horizontal, No People, Walmart Best Deals, Art Supplies

Basic supplies

Much of the world has gone digital, but that doesn’t mean kids go to school and stare at screens all day. In fact, their class lists probably include many of the same school supplies you used when you were their age.

Get a pack of 24 No. 2 wood pencils for 97 cents and a pencil sharpener 47 cents at Wal-Mart. You will also find a pack of 175 sheets of notepad paper for 99 cents and a pack of 24 Crayola crayons for 50 cents to the target. The price of the Target pencil beats the cost on Amazon, where a four-pack of 24 costs $8.63. Portrait of Caucasian schoolgirl looking at laptop screen with other students during lesson in modern smart school.


Older children may need to bring a laptop to school or keep one at home for homework. If they don’t already have theirs or their current one needs an upgrade, it’s a good idea to purchase one before the school year begins.

Best Buy sells a variety of Apple MacBook Air laptops, starting with a model on sale for $899.99but the store offers a selection of used Apple machines from $279.99. Select Chromebooks are currently on sale at Staples, starting at $189.99. Walmart has HP laptops running Windows 11 from $199and Dell offers its Inspiron model from $249.99. Close up of a teacher marking a test.


Your children have a lot to do. From keeping track of papers for different classes to managing school activities, staying organized can be a challenge, so it’s wise to invest in a helper.

Target offers an Academic Planner to keep assignments on track for $9.99 and Walmart has a full-size desk calendar that will accompany them through June 2023 for $5.64. Parents who grew up with the Trapper Keeper could splurge on it to keep their youngster super organized. They are available on Amazon, from $10.87. San Jose, CA - November 23, 2019: Young woman looking through clothes on rack at Walmart store.

Kids clothing

It wouldn’t be a new school year without at least a few additions to your kids’ wardrobe. Whether they’ve overtaken last year’s favorites or need to replace some worn-out items, new clothes can add up quickly, so it’s important to find deals.

If you’re looking for shorts for gym class, Kohl’s has Champion brand boys mesh shorts on sale for $8.99. Girls can pair the cycling style shorts, $9.99 for sale at Kohl’s, along with a variety of tees. Old Navy also offers sales, where jeans are on sale from $12 in children’s sizes and $18 for adults.

If your children’s school has a uniform policy, JCPenney has them covered with the IZOD brand. girls’ and boys’ polo shirts starting at $7.99.

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