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Community helps Guilderland teacher clear her shopping list

GUILDERLAND, NY (News10) – Clear the List is a movement sweeping the nation that is helping teachers shoulder the financial burden of back-to-school supplies for their classrooms. He arrived here in the capital region thanks to a simple hashtag.

“Every day as a teacher is completely different. Some days, even at the college level, I’m a shoulder to cry on. Some days I’m nursing wounds,” Katie Fahrenkopf said. “if you really want to create a community in your classroom, you need to know your students well.”

Katie said creating a child-friendly learning environment often costs teachers extra money out of their own pockets. She buys everything from specific chairs, to help students with sensory issues, to food for a well-stocked snack cabinet.

In June 2021, Adopt a Classroom surveyed more than 5,400 teachers across the country and found that they spend an average of $750 on school supplies each year.

This is where the clearlist comes in. The online mission started in 2019. Teachers use the hashtag #clearthelist on any social media platform, then anyone can find a local teacher near him and buy items from his shopping cart on Amazon.

In 2020, T-Mobile saw Katie’s hashtag and sponsored her entire list, and since then the community has rallied to clear it. Katie posted her list this year and has seen countless people, including complete strangers, buying items from her Amazon wishlist.

” That says everything. It means people really care about providing the best possible education for students,” Katie said. “And it’s not just about the objects. I think it fills teachers with hope for the new year.

Along with receiving fruit packets for her snack cabinet and books, Katie also received countless notes of encouragement.

To find a teacher in a local school district, a comprehensive wishlist list has been compiled by Get Your Teach On on their website.