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City Passes New Fireworks and Shopping Cart Bylaws

City Council passes new bylaws.


THUNDER BAY – Thunder Bay City Council recently passed new bylaws to regulate the unloading and sale of fireworks and to address the problem of abandoned shopping carts.

The new fireworks regulations, under New Fireworks Regulations 86-2021, are effective immediately. Key points of the new fireworks regulations:

  • Fireworks can be set off on the evening and the day before the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Canada Day, August Civic Holiday
  • Fireworks can be set off all day on Lunar New Year, but not the day before
  • In addition to Canada Day and the day before Canada Day: if Canada Day falls on a Monday or Tuesday, fireworks may be set off on the evening of the Saturday before Canada Day; if Canada Day falls on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, fireworks can be set off on the Saturday after Canada Day
  • Fireworks may not be set off at any other time without specific permission
  • Fireworks can only be offered for sale on New Year’s Day, Canada Day and the August statutory holiday, as well as the seven business days preceding these statutory holidays.
  • Landlords/Tenants as well as those discharging fireworks are responsible for discharging fireworks onto any specific property
  • A new system of fines is in place for multiple or repeated offenses
  • Landlords/Tenants may be charged for the full cost of emergency response to harmful events

The new shopping cart rule 85-2021 comes into force in May 2022. Key points of the new shopping cart rule:

  • It is an offense to leave a shopping cart off the owner’s property
  • By May 15, 2022, all shopping carts in use must have nameplates/stickers affixed with owner contact information
  • By May 30, 2022, caddy owners must submit to the City their plan for the management, control and recovery of their caddy

Details regarding the responsibilities of shopping cart owners will be available shortly on the City’s website.

For a full and comprehensive reference, see copies of official bylaws available from the City Clerk’s Office, 625-2216.