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Charli D’Amelio’s Back-to-School Shopping List Includes Office and Dorm Room Essentials

Soon you will return to school. While the thought of having to do homework is a drag after getting so used to lounging by the pool every day, there’s no denying that back-to-school shopping is a lot of fun. It’s your chance to start fresh with brand new back to school supplies. You might be decorating your dorm for the first time and are looking for some major inspiration. As one of the biggest influencers, what’s on Charli D’Amelio’s back-to-school shopping list could help you figure out what’s essential and what can be left at home.

It’s easier than ever to shop Charli D’Amelio’s back-to-school essentials, thank you Amazon. Using Amazon’s Influencer program, the TikToker and dancer created her own storefront that lists Amazon’s shoppable products in different categories and listings. D’Amelio’s back-to-school list includes 48 products that she says are necessary for taking classes in the fall. These products range from vanity mirrors to create the perfect first-day look to tumblers for its Dunkin’ iced coffee. Not only do you know you’re getting products that the queen of TikTok herself can vouch for, but they’re also all easily purchasable in one place. All you have to do is click on a product you like and add it to your cart. You can even create your own list through the Amazon Influencer program to recommend to your friends and potentially earn extra money for school in the process.

And while you might not need everything from D’Amelio’s back-to-school list, here are 12 products that will really come in handy when you start taking classes again in the fall.

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Color changing mugs for your iced coffee

Sometimes you just need your iced coffee to keep up with all your classes and club meetings for the day. D’Amelio understands, which is why she recommends these color changing cups for back to school. They can also be used for water or your favorite iced tea as they add a pop of color to your day.


A desk lamp for studying in your dorm room

This cute and compact desk lamp is just what you need for extra lighting in your dorm room. It’s perfect for providing you with just enough light for nighttime study sessions without disturbing your housemates. Plus, it can be used to provide a little extra light when you’re doing your makeup in the morning, and folds away neatly when you’re not using it.


A plain white notebook for journaling

D’Amelio also shared on TikTok that she was “trying to get into journaling a bit more,” which is why she bought this classic notebook from Amazon. The TikToker specifically chose a white notebook because she wanted something “super simple.” Of course, if white notebooks aren’t your style, there are different shades of Moleskine Notebooks on Amazon. One of the over 14,000 5-star reviewers even admitted that they just went with the “cheapest color” available, which happened to be light grey.


Colored gel pens for vibrant notes

While her notebook may be white, D’Amelio has these colored gel pens on her Amazon back-to-school list. This five-pack comes with purple, pink, blue, orange, and lime green ink. You could even assign each subject a different color, but then you’ll have to decide whether math is more of a blue or pink subject.


These #2 Rainbow Pencils For Every Test You Need To Pass

Maybe pencils are more your style when taking notes. Either way, you’ll need a few #2 pencils for testing, so grab those eco-friendly pencils from D’Amelio’s list. While the pencils are rainbow and AF colored, the lead is always black.


A pen holder to match your desk decor

To give your pens a place to rest when not in use, D’Amelio offers you this classic pen holder. It’s a very basic white, but that means it will fit in with the rest of your dorm room office decor. Plus, your colored pens and pencils will provide the splash of color you crave anyway.


A pencil case for on-campus travel

When you have lecture on one side of campus and recitation on the other side, it helps to have everything you need with you at all times. This handy pen case will not only keep all your pencils and pens with you at all times, but it also has room for your post-its, clips and even your favorite lip gloss. One of the nearly 28,000 5-star reviewers even mentioned that they “could put a whole pair of scissors in there!”


A power bank to keep you going all day

Speaking of being on campus all day, you definitely need a good power bank to keep your phone and tablet charged between classes. This two-pack from Amazon is just as budget-friendly as you need it to be. You might even be able to keep your power bank stored in your pencil case, as this particular portable charger travels well. One of more than 57,000 5-star reviews said he had “no problem” taking it with him to four different countries, too.


A tray organizer to keep your papers together

Although your desk is perfect right now, mid-semester it can be a mess of papers. It’s hard to keep that aesthetic clean when you’re someone who likes to keep notes out there and available at all times. Luckily, a cute organizer like this letter tray can keep your papers on your desk without making it look like a hurricane has swept through your dorm room. In fact, letter trays are such easy organization hacks that you’ll be surprised you haven’t thought of buying one before.


Patches to decorate your school backpack

These patches are so convincing that your friends will really think you bought a Stoney Clover Lane bag. Even if you love Stoney Clover, you’d rather spend $16 for the whole alphabet than $15 for a single letter to personalize your back to school bags. Amazon has even cute smileys and hearts ($10) to make your bag and backpack truly unique.


A desk pad to add some sparkle to your dorm desk

Add a splash of color while keeping your desk clean with a desk pad. This extended mouse pad is waterproof and non-slip to keep your iced latte safe next to your computer. It also comes in a variety of sizes, to match your dorm desk, as well as colors. Since D’Amelio has a white and pink theme, she can opt for gray, white or pink shades. However, you can also go bold with a lake blue or lake green shade instead.


A set of travel utensils for dining or picnicking in the quad

Who doesn’t love a sustainable and eco-friendly queen? D’Amelio also puts this set of travel utensils on his back-to-school shopping list, which will be more useful than you might think. Stash this set in your travel bag and you’ll never have to worry about forks, knives, or spoons again when eating on the quad, in the dining room, or at your favorite cafe. These reusable stainless steel straws ($7) are also on D’Amelio’s list and are perfect companions for this set as well.