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Changes to come in a vacant building impacting the Clovis shopping center

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) — Tic Talk Salon owner Kia Lo says she moved her business to the mall at 30 W. Shaw because she wanted to attract more foot traffic.

But with a property that’s been vacant for more than a year just yards away, the move isn’t what she had imagined.

Lo says, “I’ve seen homeless people coming in and out. I have to rush because it’s dark. I feel like it’s Clovis and it’s a safe area, but I feel that I have to go.”

Lo says seeing code enforcement officers making daily rounds gives him peace of mind.

When she saw the city securing vacant storefronts with a boarding, she was thrilled to learn that the new ownership of the vacant property could bring new businesses nearby.

She adds, “It’s empty, so once we get people, it should bring a lot of business here. It’s Clovis.”

Clovis Police Corporal Jesus Santillan said: ‘The relief portion is more for the citizens and business owners in the area. don’t have to worry about people walking out of the building with shopping carts.”

Clovis Police say the property has been on their radar since April 2021. Law enforcement has been advised of a number of safety hazards and nuisance issues.

Corporal Santillan says: “The citizen who called had indicated that a large object had fallen on his vehicle, and this prompted our investigation to begin.”

Several follow-ups, including a full inspection, revealed a multitude of infractions.

“Issues from safety hazard to an attractive nuisance to broken window graffiti and other violations,” he said.

A warning letter followed by citations was sent by certified mail to the owner, Bay Area-based Clovis Shaw Partners LLC.

As the violations were not addressed, the fines reached $66,000.

Corporal Santillan says: “The ceiling has started to fall — there are holes from one company to another. There is excrement on the floor — this is an unacceptable status. Unacceptable not only for the former owners, but unacceptable to anyone who is going to pay their fair share for a building.

The council has cleared a lien on the property and is working with a title company and potential buyer on transferring the property.

This could close the escrow as soon as the end of this month, but the hope is over the next year to see the building refurbished and businesses moving in.

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