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Central 3PL acquiring connects the supply chain from shopping cart to warehouse

3PL Central acquired CIO Technologies, including its flagship product CartRover, to drive seamless integrations for omnichannel fulfillment.

“Today’s e-commerce brands need a platform that provides the flexibility to facilitate their growth throughout their lifecycle,” said Andy Lloyd, CEO of 3PL Central. “Currently, 3PLs and brands need to piece together disparate solutions to grow their omnichannel fulfillment capabilities. CartRover’s integration capabilities connect Skubana OMS, 3PL Warehouse Manager, and Scout to any business platform, making enables any brand or 3PL to support order flow from new sales channels.

“Every day, brands are looking to add new sales and ordering channels to support their growth, and CartRover makes it easy,” said Gunnar Fredlund, CEO of CIO Technologies. “The merger with 3PL Central builds on an existing base, as we already support integrations for 3PL Warehouse Manager and Skubana and share hundreds of joint customers. Additionally, their shared expertise in managing warehouses and orders and owning the most widely used 3PL software, it became clear that all of our clients would benefit from access to more resources, investments and support.

From Newswire:

  • This acquisition follows the acquisition of Skubana by 3PL Central in April.
  • The combination of Skubana’s advanced order management system and Scout Software’s WMS with CartRover allows customers to seamlessly integrate systems with over 100 online e-commerce marketplaces.

“Furthermore, by ensuring seamless data flow between our OMS and WMS platforms, brands can adopt our software’s advanced capabilities throughout their lifecycle to meet demand anywhere, anytime.” and from any channel with superior flexibility, information and service,” says Lloyd.