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California teenager who found handbag in shopping cart went to licensed address to return it | New

SAN DIEGO (NBC News) — A California teenager is being recognized for his good deed, going out of his way to return a stranger’s purse.

It’s something we really need. This is good news, good news.

Late Saturday night, Adrian Rodriquez was unfazed by the three dogs barking at him. He had a special delivery.

“I was shopping,” he said.

It was for Eliana Martin. She was at Ralph’s and can’t explain why she left her bag in a shopping cart.

“I had my credit cards, my husband’s credit card that day,” she said.

Fortunately, Adrian was the first to find it.

“And then I would pull out of the parking lot, and I put my cart back in and it was right there in the little cart,” Rodriquez said.

The recent graduate from Otay Ranch High School looked at Eliana’s ID card and got in the car.

“If anyone found my things, I would like them to bring them back to me,” he said.

“It was nice of him to drive over to my house to drop him off,” Marquez said.

Adrian left the green bag and all of its contents with a confused aunt and left.

See, Eliana Martin lived here with Melina Marquez, but didn’t update her license.

“It was a surprise to me,” Martin said. “Honestly? It was a surprise to me.”

“I looked into the ring camera and I was like, oh my god. He’s such a young kid,” Marquez said. “I was like, we have to find him and just give him a little piece of gratitude.”

Melina posted this video on Facebook and let Chula Vista do its job.

“I woke up and got a bunch of messages like, oh, is that you?” Rodriquez said. “It was strange.”

“Thank goodness we found it,” Marquez said.

The ladies invited Adrian on Monday morning to say thank you in person and let him know the community had donated to an online fundraiser in his honor.

No one was there when Adrian found Eliana’s purse, but now we all know about her special delivery.

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