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‘Basket killer’ may be linked to 6th death, authorities say – NBC4 Washington

A Virginia judge ruled on Monday there was enough evidence for a grand jury to consider two first-degree murder charges against the alleged ‘shopping cart killer’, and police said a sixth death could be related to the suspect.

News4 has been following the cases against Anthony Eugene Robinson after two women were found dead in Harrisonburg, Virginia last year. Since then, Robinson has also been linked to the death of a woman in northeast DC and the deaths of two other women in Alexandria, Virginia.

Authorities are examining the 2018 death of a woman in Prince George’s County as potentially linked to Robinson.

Stacey Allen has always believed that her daughter, Skye Allen, did not die of a heart problem. She found the 30-something unconscious and barely breathing in her bedroom on February 14, 2018.

Stacey Allen said she was drawn into the room by an unusual silence; Skye has always snored.

“If I don’t hear her snore, she’s up. I didn’t hear any more snoring,” her mother recalls.

She said doctors at Prince George Hospital said Skye died of a cardiac arrhythmia.

But something – perhaps a mother’s instinct – told her that Robinson had something to do with it. He was the man Skye planned a future with, who shared her room and was a man no one in the family cared about.

Allen said she asked Robinson if he killed her daughter.

“I asked him, ‘Did you do something to my daughter?’ He said no,” she said.

Skye Allen had met Robinson on a dating app, her mother said.

That was the last time she saw Robinson until around Thanksgiving 2021, when she received a phone call from a detective in Rockingham County, Virginia.

A woman speaks to News4’s Shomari Stone about the devastation of losing her sister to the alleged ‘cart killer’.

Robinson had been arrested in connection with the deaths of two women at a motel in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Police said he disposed of their bodies using a shopping cart.

Within weeks, he would be linked to the remains of two other women. They were found in a plastic container, with a shopping cart nearby, in Fairfax County.

Robinson is also suspected – but has not been charged – in the death of 40-year-old Sonya Champ. Her body was found in a shopping cart in northeast DC in September 2021.

Allen said the revelations about Robinson only added to the almost unbearable pain of losing his daughter.

“I almost stopped doing Christmas, Thanksgiving, all the holidays. And my sister was like, ‘That’s not you,'” Allen said. “I’m out of energy.”

Prince George’s County police are facing a challenge investigating Skye Allen’s death: They say they were not contacted by the hospital at the time of her death and her body was cremated.

It was not immediately clear how police would pursue their investigation and whether charges would be brought against Robinson.