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Baby snatched from mum’s shopping cart in South Africa

A South African supermarket worker has been arrested after being caught on surveillance video brazenly snatching an 8-month-old baby from his mother’s shopping cart.

The shocking ordeal took place at a SuperSpar store in Alberton, just outside Johannesburg, last Sunday as the mother and daughter stood idly by in front of a fridge in the butcher’s aisle, the report reported. ‘Alberton Records.

Surveillance footage, which has since gone viral, shows the apron-wearing employee slowly approaching the couple as the unconscious mother looked into the fridge.

A South African supermarket worker has been arrested after snatching a baby from a mother’s shopping cart.
Images of the supermarket employee
The man picked up the child and walked away while the mother was shopping.

Just seconds after the mother bent down to pick up an item, the 43-year-old employee was filmed calmly lifting the little girl from the basket and walking away.

The horrified mother chased after the employee moments later when she realized her daughter was missing, footage shows.

The employee could then be seen lingering and trying to explain his actions as the mother cradled her baby.

Supermarket pictures
The mom quickly noticed and ran after the man.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, the mother said the employee laughed in the moments after the ordeal.

“He smiled and laughed, telling me he walked past the cart and my daughter’s arms were up, so he picked her up,” she wrote. “I keep saying it’s not funny. You don’t touch a child, you don’t pick up a child. It’s not a joke and I don’t find it funny.

The mother added that the store manager had “indicated that he meant no harm”.

Police arrested the man for attempted kidnapping, while the store said the employee had been suspended.

The supermarket chain later issued a statement saying it was “extremely relieved” that the kidnapping attempt had been foiled and that it was cooperating with the police investigation.

“The SPAR Group is also reaching out to the family to offer any support they need, including advice,” a spokesperson said.