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Ashley Graham’s must-have shopping list from Amazon Prime’s early access sale

The model shares her best photos, from a baby chair to a water flosser.

Ashley Graham always keeps it real. The body positivity icon, model and mum to three boys under three, has shared tips, tricks and details on what she’s looking to buy this year in Amazon’s early access sale .

The sale begins at 3 a.m. EDT on October 11 and ends at 3 a.m. EDT on October 13. Everything from fashion to beauty, toys to electronics and more will be discounted. High on Graham’s list was the cult favorite Olaplex Ultimate Essentials Kit ($28).

Graham has just moved into a new house and one thing she is looking forward to is receiving Christmas decorations. “I actually never decorated for Christmas,” she said. “So this is going to be my first big decorating experience, which I’m really excited about.”

She and her husband, Justin Ervin, are also excited to furnish their new home gym. “My favorite workout gear is the gear on sale,” she said. “I’ll be 100% honest, it’s really the same. It’s just a matter of grip and cushioning.”

Amazon also has a “suggested” items section that Graham likes to browse. She’s someone who always checks reviews and trusts top-rated items, especially when it comes to shopping for her babies.

“Review determines my purchase,” she said. “And I love reviews from the mommy community, so I’m always here for a mommy blog situation.”

Her eldest son, Isaac, is two years old and her younger twins, Malachi and Roman, were born in February 2022.

“It’s so nice to know that I have access at my fingertips,” she said. “Especially when the twins were so small. Amazon has always been there for me in an aspect like, I just need it here now and tomorrow. It’s always so helpful. Graham has no idea how Amazon delivers so quickly, but she doesn’t ask questions and she’s “so grateful” that they do.

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Ashley Graham’s Top Picks in Amazon Prime’s Early Access Sale

“We have a lot of spills on the kitchen table,” she said with a laugh. “So I just want something right there that I don’t have to go to another room to plug in the vacuum.” Black and Decker handheld vacuum cleaner$29.99

“The molecule air purifier, I must say without a doubt one of the best gifts“, Graham said. “I gave it to three people on my team. It’s so random and unexpected. And it’s something that’s not so personal that it’s not gold or silver jewelry and it’s not like clothing. This is something that many people would appreciate. And if you didn’t know that, then you’ll be really happy to know that.” Molekule Air Purifier$499

“I’m a sucker for the Waterpik,” she said, adding, “I know it might not be what you expect to hear, but to me it’s a beauty product. and it’s a health product. So very important.” Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser$79.97

Anything from Revlon

From makeup to hot styling tools, Revlon is Graham’s go-to.

“It’s so fantastic that Revlon is on Amazon. My OG Revlon fans, I know they love going there and being able to get it, especially if you’re snowy and know you need that special mascara before the Christmas party. Revlon So Fierce Mascara$8.12

“I use this stuff before makeup, after makeup, and on the plane,” she said. “I keep one in my purse wherever I go. It keeps my skin so hydrated.” Heritage Rose Water Spray$8.89

These sealable bags come in fun colors and are Graham’s favorite baby care products on Amazon. She said snacks were a big deal for her family and she throws some snacks in one of those bags and she’s good to go.

“I just packed a million snacks and they seal so well, so if they’re in [your diaper bag] for a few days, you’re just grateful it’s there because you know it’s not going to stale. » Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bags$64.99

Graham said it was the best recent purchase she had made and was a lifesaver on a trip with her twins. She recently attended Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week and spoke to us from the Amalfi Coast. Travel high chair$22.34

If you are Graham’s mother, please stop reading now. It’s your Christmas present and it’s exactly what you wanted. Kitchen Aid 4 Slice Toaster$59.98

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