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Amazon’s new shopping cart lets users scan and pay to avoid checkout lines, Retail News, ET Retail

San Francisco: Amazon on Tuesday unveiled an updated Smart Dash Cart — a shopping cart that helps users scan and pay for purchases and skip the checkout line.

In September 2020, Amazon’s physical retail team first introduced the Amazon Dash Cart.

“We’ve designed the updated Dash Cart to continue to deliver the features people love most, like real-time receipts and the ability to weigh products directly in the cart’s basket, along with new conveniences and behind-the-scenes technological advancements,” said Dilip Kumar, Vice President, Physical Retail and Technology.

The Dash Cart can be used at many Amazon Fresh stores in the United States.

The Dash Cart screen will now display images of nearby cool items, like products, for shoppers to choose from, or shoppers can enter the item name instead of a four-digit PLU code.

The carts feature extended all-day battery life that requires less charging, making them even more readily available to customers, Kumar said.

The company has doubled the capacity of the cart while retaining the ability to quickly measure product weights for certified accuracy and price.

“As many of our customers return to their in-store grocery habits, it’s exciting to introduce them to new and unique ways to shop in our stores,” said Leandro Balbinot, Chief Technology Officer, Whole Foods Market.

To use the new version of the Dash Cart, shoppers log in via a QR code in the Amazon or Whole Foods Market app, allowing them to easily log in and start using the cart.

From there, shoppers place their bags (if they use them) in the cart and begin shopping, scanning their items using one of the cameras near the Dash Cart’s handlebars.

The cart uses a combination of computer vision and sensor fusion algorithms to help verify every item placed in and removed from the cart.

The Dash Cart screen displays a real-time receipt of all items in the cart, and when shoppers are ready to pay, they simply exit the store through the Amazon Dash Cart channel and their payment is processed using the credit card associated with their Amazon. Account.

Buyers will receive an email receipt shortly after leaving the store.