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Amazon Revamps Its Smart Shopping Cart, Adds Payment-Free Stores to Texas A&M Football Stadium

Amazon is upgrading its smart shopping carts that allow customers to skip lines at some of the company’s physical stores and is also making the carts available in more places.

The Dash Cart, introduced in 2020, automatically keeps a real-time receipt of all the products shoppers put on it from store shelves (or takeout). They’re intended to speed up the time it takes for customers to enter and leave stores, using cameras near the cart’s handlebars to scan items.

On Monday, Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s vice president of physical retail and technology, told Fortune‘s Brainstorm Tech Conference in Aspen, Colorado, that his company would introduce weather-resistant carts so customers could transport the carts directly from the store to their car. The old version of the Dash Cart had to stay inside the store and customers had to carry their items to their car.

At checkout, instead of queuing to pay or unloading and reloading their items at a self-checkout kiosk, customers can exit the store through the Dash Cart lane and the credit card associated with their Amazon account will be automatically debited for items. they selected.

Amazon also plans to double the capacity of the carts so they can hold four shopping bags instead of just two.

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The Dash Cart can also weigh fruits and vegetables, but shoppers must enter the type of product they are purchasing on the Dash Cart’s touchscreen. Although the previous version of the Dash Cart required customers to enter a clumsy PLU code for each product, the improved shopping cart screen will show shoppers which fruits and vegetables are nearby to make their selection easier. Customers can also search for specific items by name.

To use the shopping cart, customers log into their Amazon account through the Amazon app or Whole Foods Market, then show the QR code to the shopping cart and begin shopping. After grabbing an item from the shelf and putting it in their cart, they can walk out of the store with it.

Dash Cart is already available in many Amazon Fresh stores. On Monday, Kumar said the carts will be available at Whole Foods Market in Westford, Massachusetts in the coming months, and at other Amazon Fresh stores and other Whole Foods stores in the future.

Additionally, Kumar also said three new stores will open in the fall at Texas A&M’s Kyle Field that will use Amazon’s checkout-less technology. The stores are operated by Levy, a hospitality company.

After entering stores, customers will be able to insert their credit card at the front door or pay with their palm using the Amazon One palm scanner. After grabbing snacks like chips, as well as sodas, bottled water and alcoholic beverages, customers will be able to exit without going through a checkout line while their credit card will be automatically charged for the items they they chose.

The new stores mark the first time that Amazon’s checkout technology will be used in a college stadium, in this case, among the largest, with a capacity of more than 100,000 spectators.

Clarification, July 12, 2021: This article has been updated to clarify how Dash Cart users log in to use the shopping cart and to add the name of the company operating Amazon-enabled stores at Texas A&M Football Stadium.

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