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Alexa adds cash back coupons to app shopping list

Amazon has rolled out a new feature offering discounts to those who use the Alexa app. The Alexa Shopping List Saving system integrates cashback offers from brands into the shopping list section of the app based on what users have included in their list.

Alexa Shopping List Savings

Amzaon’s discount offers appear in the shopping list portion of the Alexa app. Users can select the offers they are interested in and activate them before their next shopping. After going to the store and purchasing the product, they must scan the barcode with the Alexa app and submit a photo through the app of their receipt. The company requires information about the place and date of purchase, as well as the price of the product. Once approved, Amazon offers the discount to the customer as part of their Amazon Gift Card balance. All offer details can be accessed from the Alexa app. Depending on the company, the rebate is usually sent within a few days, although it can take up to a week.

While the discounts may help Amazon increase usage of the Alexa app when people shop, the new program has another clear benefit. The use of discounts and the accompanying receipt image offer a potential boon of data on consumer buying habits. This data could help inform decisions made by Amazon and its partners in all sorts of ways. It is a simplified version of the many “freebies” available online in exchange for completing surveys and providing data to marketing and advertising departments. The FAQ makes it clear that Amazon obtains all of the information shared by entrants in their forms and photos, and that the company may pass on any such collected data to its service providers.

“With Alexa Shopping, our philosophy is to create convenient, time-saving features that make life easier for our busy customers,” an Amazon spokesperson told Voicebot in an email response. “Features like the Alexa Shopping List and proactive restock notifications are examples of this. The new Alexa Shopping List Savings feature builds on this vision by helping customers easily discover offers from countless brands and use them for everyday savings, wherever they shop.

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