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Aldi shoppers aren’t impressed with this shopping cart

Although the Reddit poster seemed pleased with the groceries they got for $105, many other shoppers felt it wasn’t really much food. One user, halfasshippie3, asked, “What part of the country is this? I feel like it’s expensive at Aldi though.” Another agreed, writing: “That’s what I thought too, must have been a lot of high end brands. Looks like $60 at my aldi.” User xcanyoudiggitx added, “I’m sorry, I have a hard time seeing how that’s a hundred bucks… But then again, I’m constantly surprised by my bi-weekly high grocery bill.”

The original poster spoke to a few people in the comments section and clarified that the grocery haul pictured was a bargain compared to the competition, stating that it was actually “about $30 cheaper than Wal-Mart”. It was still a very good deal from their point of view. While many of the items visible in the cart were relatively inexpensive options like bread and bananas, the poster also stated that the carriage included three gallons of milk (only one of which is clearly visible in the image itself) as well only three pounds of turkey. Given that meat prices have skyrocketed throughout the pandemic for a variety of reasons, as reported by the Environmental Task Force, perhaps this clarification helps explain the price for some potential commentators.