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AI-powered clip-on device that turns any standard shopping cart into a smart one

Many sectors face chronic staff shortages due to various factors such as lack of available manpower and staff illnesses. The retail sector is not exempt, but there are possible solutions in the market to reduce the dependence on labor in this sector.

Shopic, which bills itself as “the world’s smartest shopping cart solution”, is an AI-powered clip-on device that turns any standard shopping cart into a smart shopping cart. When connected, it uses computer vision cameras to recognize when shoppers add or remove items and then allows them to skip checkout lines.

“This system has many advantages for shoppers,” explains Raz Golan, CEO of Shopic. “It is very easy to use and customisable. It gives the consumer an accumulation and information on the products he has put in his basket. When leaving the store, the products are already bagged and payment is simple.”

For retailers, the benefits are the same as for e-commerce, they can communicate with consumers through on-screen promotions and also collect data on what the consumer is buying. Consumers can create an account or shop anonymously.

“The device has two cameras using real-time computer vision to record what goes in and out of the cart. When it comes to weight-based products, such as fresh produce, they should be placed on a scale and the consumer selects which product is in the bag and a barcode is produced when they then pass under the camera.

“The technology uses algorithms, so the more data we collect, the more the system learns. There are different screens for the scales, it depends on the retailers, but the more data we can collect, the more we can recognize which varieties of apples, which whether it’s orange or grape and giving the consumer fewer options to choose from on the screen, it’s possible the camera could eventually differentiate between the varieties.

Shopic technology started out as a portable scan&go device, but quickly evolved into the clip-on-trolley model.

“We’ve seen very rapid adoption of our technology, customer satisfaction rates are 90-95%. Before, the issue was labor cost, but now it’s lack of labor. that is behind this technology. This means that retailers can use them to work much better.

Shopic is already available in the US, European and South American markets, as well as in Israel.

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