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Agoraverse is building a Metaverse mall on Solana, token sale expected in early June 2022 By BTC Peers

Agoraverse is building a Metaverse mall on Solana, token sale expected in early June 2022

The metaverse is an extension of the physical world into an unlimited digital realm that is far more exciting and unbridled. For what the sphere holds, the total valuation of companies in the web 2.0 metaverse was estimated to be north of $14 trillion in Q4 2021. Meanwhile, according to other findings, the total valuation of blockchain-focused companies on the metaverse was $29 billion. However, given analyst projections and the rapid pace of blockchain and crypto innovation, the subsector looks undervalued, and there is so much on the table. For the first time, the amount of venture capital investment in the metaverse and crypto skyrocketed in 2021, and the same trend is expected in 2022 and, therefore, likely to propel the industry forward.

Agoraverse builds an immersive metaverse on

Agoraverse plans to release what they describe as a truly immersive virtual mall leveraging features available in the vast Solana ecosystem. Unlike Web 2.0, blockchain is secure, transparent, and accessible worldwide.

Moreover, the innovations brought about by smart contracts have introduced nearly endless possibilities which Agora is actively exploiting as its team of experienced and motivated people work to release a fully functional digital metaverse ecosystem. By making their digital ecosystem deeply interactive with high levels of realism, Agora will also be powered by the Unity game engine.

The Agoraverse will eventually include thousands of clothing stores, art stores, furniture stores, NFTs, and all use cases that fit into the metaverse. In addition to purchases, the development team said it would enable mini-games and leisure spaces such as restaurants and bars to make users’ virtual stay as enjoyable as possible.

Buy tangible goods in the metaverse and have them delivered to your physical address

The Agoraverse will be a unique metaverse with a different twist on the whole concept. While users would easily access the metaverse from the comfort of their bedroom and purchase digital items as NFTs, Agora also allows them to purchase physical assets, which can then be delivered to their specific addresses. This is the first time a blockchain metaverse project has released such a feature and explains the level of interest from the community ahead of Agoraverse’s launch.

For NFT collectors and metaverse fans who want to own assets and earn income, Agoraverse developers have introduced the concept of Metashops. They exist physically in the Agora metaverse and are either owned by brands or individuals. These stores may offer services or sell digital or physical goods. Owners of Agora Metashops will pay a monthly subscription using their preferred payment method, which will also give them access to an editor tool to flesh out their Metashops. They will be at the heart of Agoraverse and would be portals allowing users to shop freely with friends or family while benefiting from refreshing guarantees regarding the anonymity of their data.

To enter the Agora, users will have the option of logging into Solana through their non-custodial wallet. The Agora token performs utility and governance functions and is essential for Agoraverse. All digital items purchased, including NFTs, will be deposited into the connected non-custodial wallet. Meanwhile, users purchasing physical items will need to fill out a form and provide their physical addresses. They will also be free to pay for these items with other supported cryptocurrencies besides AGORA.

Details of the AGORA token sale

Following the successful sale of the Access Card NFTs, Agoraverse plans to distribute AGORA via a two-round token sale on June 3, 2022, on their site. The AGORA will be allocated to addresses appearing on the white list and to holders of an access card in the first round.

During this time, AGORA will be available to the public for investment in the second and final round. Before the team demonstrates how to make purchases using AGORA in Q3 2022, holders can be liquidity providers enabling smooth trading of the token while earning rewards. Additionally, the team plans to develop a new NFT collection on Solana that holders will be able to purchase using AGORA at an attractive price.

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