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Add Malachite and Turquoise to Your JCK Las Vegas Shopping List Now – JCK

Greetings from Las Vegas! Fam, I know from a reliable source that malachite and turquoise are going to be very important in the coming months. I probably should have told you this after interviewing a bunch of industry professionals to find out what they bought at the Tucson gem shows. (You can find this story in the current issue of JCK, copies of which are in abundance here at the salon.)

But knowing that between Luxury and JCK Las Vegas you will have access to a good part of the material, now seems a good time to talk about it (don’t worry, I’ll tell you where to find it).

Danielle Miele of Gem Gossip told me that in Tucson she bought all the malachite bowls she could carry, and that “they sold out within three minutes of going on sale” on her online platform. -com @shopgemgossip.

LuxeRox’s Nan Lung Palmer was also looking to Tucson for her company’s lifestyle objects and palm-sized specimens, but she and partner Kelly Selcer were also looking for “something more substantial with a wow factor” for retailers looking to liven up their storefronts. This came in the form of velvet malachite from the Democratic Republic of Congo “which has a striking emerald green color with high chatoyancy and beautiful banding, similar to gem-quality malachite jewelry,” she said.

Laura Kitsos, owner of Gem Jewelry Boutique in Oak Park, Illinois, observed that turquoise and malachite were central to the many shows she attended, and she has an interesting theory as to why: remember that winter when we were all watching And just like that (the sex and the city reboot) and try to decide if we liked it? Carrie wore a Necklace composed of turquoise and malachite beads (by Fry Powers) in many episodes. The jewel, supposed The New York Times, might be a favorite for the 2020 version of her hugely influential “Carrie” nameplate necklace. And now that the show has been confirmed for a second season, we’ll have to see.

I say be ready with a few options. Also, it’s not like turquoise and malachite are out of the spotlight or anything. We’ve been talking to you for a while about the “blues and greens” trend.

Buyers, you know what to do. Here’s where to go and what to see.

Bracelet Aspendos
14-karat gold and silver snake bracelet with turquoise and diamonds, $9,350; Aspendos (booth 14024)
Vittorio green pendant
Donut pendant in 14k gold with malachite and white diamond, $1,475; Vittorio B. (booth 21019)
Nina Mariner choker in 18k gold with turquoise, $612; Al-Zain (booth 48013)
Terzihan earrings
Neutra Aztec earrings in 18-karat rose gold with malachite and diamonds, €4,400 ($4,686); Terzihan (booth 9039)
Doves turquoise ring
Medallion compass symbol ring in 18k yellow gold with turquoise, $2,295; Doves by Doron Paloma (Lux 823)
Lauren K malachite earrings and pendant
Malachite pendant with diamonds in 18-karat gold, $7,420 (chain included) and earrings with malachite, green tourmaline and diamonds in 18-karat gold, $4,490; Laurent K. (LUX601)
Turquoise beads Lika Behar
Sonoran Sunshine Necklace with Sonoran Turquoise Beads in 24k Gold, $4,880; Lika Behar (LUX201)
Turquoise Yael earrings
18k gold earrings with turquoise and diamonds, $10,302; Yael Designs (LUX412)

Top: Egyptian scarab brooches in turquoise and 18k gold, price on request; Spoken Gems (LUX730); photo: @aelliott718

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