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A Woman Met the Alleged ‘Shopping Cart Killer’ on a Dating Site

Monica White had been through a painful divorce, but at 53 she was ready to start dating again in the fall of 2020. She created profiles on dating sites and soon received a message from a potential suitor – a a man authorities would charge with being a serial killer a year later.

Anthony Robinson, 36, whom police dubbed the ‘Shopping Cart Killer’, allegedly met women on dating sites and lured them to hotels, before killing them and loading their bodies into shopping carts for disposal in vacant lots. He has been charged with two murders and has been publicly linked by police to three others.

“Hi beautiful,” White Robinson recalled writing in her first post. “I would like to get to know you better. »

The whirlwind romance that followed was by turns intense, bizarre, and menacing. White’s account provides the richest picture to date of a man who has remained largely a mystery since authorities branded him a serial killer at a news conference that drew public attention. national attention in December.

Police said little about Robinson, except that the DC man moved frequently and held various jobs. His family has never given interviews to the media. Louis Nagy, an attorney for Robinson, declined to comment for this story.

Robinson is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on two counts of murder Monday in Harrisonburg, Va., where he is charged with killing Allene Redmon, 54, of Harrisonburg, and Tonita Lorice Smith, 39, of Charlottesville, the latest to fall .

Virginia police say they are investigating a man as a possible serial killer after four victims were found dead

The Washington Post has also learned that police are re-examining the 2018 death of a Maryland woman that Robinson was engaged to in light of the allegations against him.

White said her contact with a suspected serial killer shook her. She said she hasn’t been able to go on dates since.

“It really shook my world,” White said. “I went into a depression.”

White, who lives outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, said her relationship with Robinson went quickly after that first message. White said Robinson was flattering, telling her what he found appealing about her profile. She said he loved that she was into art and that she was a preschool teacher.

White said she told him she was looking for a serious relationship, and he confided in her that he preferred older women because they were more mature.

Messages quickly switched to video chats. White said Robinson would call him from the subway on his way to or from work in DC, where White said he was working snow removal and cleaning city streets. At the time, Robinson was living in a friend’s apartment in the district and occasionally staying with his mother in Maryland.

Robinson told White he had never been married, but had a son who died when the child was around 2 and a daughter who was around 5 or 6 at the time. White said she never learned much about the children’s mother, but felt Robinson had a difficult childhood himself.

White and Robinson grew closer.

“He seemed to have an attachment to me, so he called me every day,” White said.

In late 2020, Robinson scheduled his first visit to Pennsylvania. White said she and Robinson spent a weekend together, hanging out, watching movies and eating Chinese food. White introduced Robinson to his adult son.

The relationship continued, and White said Robinson had said he hoped they could be a couple and move his daughter to Pennsylvania to live with her. Robinson returned to the Harrisburg area for White’s birthday in February 2021.

White said Robinson’s visit was a surprise: He bought a one-way bus ticket.

“When he got here he said I’m going to have to find a job or something to get home because I don’t have the money for my ticket,” White said.

White said Robinson got a warehouse job for an online pet supply store and stayed with her for three weeks while he raised money for his trip home.

White said Robinson never talked about killing or hurting women, but he had darker moments.

At one point, White said he pulled his shirt up to show her a scar and said he had been stabbed. White said Robinson never explained how the stabbings took place, but promised he would again kill anyone who came at him with a knife. When they were intimate, White said Robinson sometimes smothered her briefly, leaving her gasping for air.

Robinson mentioned that he was engaged to a deceased woman.

The woman was Skye Allen, 30, who died on Valentine’s Day in 2018. Robinson had met Allen online in 2016 and the couple were planning a wedding, her family said. The couple lived with Allen’s mother in Glenarden, Maryland.

Stacey Allen, Skye’s mother, said she found her daughter barely breathing and with a slight heartbeat in her bed on the morning of February 14, 2018. Skye Allen had spent the night with Robinson in the bedroom the couple shared, said Stacey Allen. Skye Allen was rushed to hospital, where she died a short time later.

Skye Allen’s death was caused by a “fatal cardiac arrhythmia”, according to a copy of her death certificate obtained by The Post. Prince George’s County police said they are looking at the case in a new light.

“The Prince George’s County Police Department has not opened an investigation into Ms. Allen’s death in 2018,” the department said in a statement. “Our agency was not made aware of her death, which occurred in a hospital, and therefore was not involved in documenting any aspect of her death. She was cremated after her death. As of January 2022 , a PGPD homicide supervisor has spoken to Ms. Allen’s relatives.Based on those conversations, the PGPD’s Cold Case Unit is looking into the facts surrounding her death.

At White, her relationship with Robinson ended tumultuously. White hosted a birthday party for herself in mid-February 2021. At the party, White said Robinson drank heavily and made sexually suggestive comments towards her son and a friend’s teenage son , which were confirmed by a cousin of White who was present.

White said she confronted Robinson about the comments the next day. White said she told Robinson the comments were inappropriate and asked if he was interested in men. White said Robinson told him he did.

White said she felt taken aback because Robinson had not been upfront about this side of himself and said she could no longer trust him. “He could be anything,” White said.

A fight ensued, during which Robinson called the police before eventually leaving, White said. Local police confirmed they responded to a call involving White and Robinson. White thought it would be the last time she would see Robinson, but it wasn’t.

Weeks later, White said Robinson messaged her on Facebook and told her he was living at a hotel in Harrisburg. Robinson asked her to come to the hotel saying “I’ll give you anything you want.” White said he was also interested in buying “spices” or synthetic marijuana. White refused to meet him.

About a month later, White was driving in Harrisburg and saw Robinson walking down the street. White said she was shocked by her appearance. Robinson had always been clean and neat, but now he had a messy beard and a gnarled afro. White never saw him again.

About eight months later, in October 2021, police said Robinson killed Redmon in Harrisonburg, about 130 miles south of DC, after driving there for work. Police say Robinson killed Smith in November.

Robinson was arrested Nov. 23 after the bodies of the two women were found in an open area in a commercial district of Harrisonburg. Police said surveillance video and cellphone recordings linked Robinson to the two victims.

Fairfax County police announced in December that they were investigating Robinson in connection with the murder of two women whose bodies were found in a dumpster in a vacant lot in the Highway 1 corridor. Robinson was not charged with the murder of Cheyenne Brown, 29, of DC, and Stephanie Harrison, 48, of Redding, Calif.

Fairfax County police interviewed White as part of their investigation, a spokesperson said.

DC police are also investigating Robinson in connection with the murder of Sonya Champ, 40, of DC, whose body was found in a shopping cart near Union Station in September 2021.

DC police identify slain woman linked to accused serial killer

White said she was stunned when a relative passed her a story that Robinson was labeled a serial killer by police in December. She was supposed to be with her niece, who was giving birth, but she couldn’t leave her house. She thought of the women who had been killed and of her own experience with Robinson.

“It was all kinds of emotions flooding my head,” White said.