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A Staten Island man attacked a woman with a shopping cart. A heavy prison sentence is his takeaway.

STATEN ISLAND, NY — In 2015, a New Brighton man was sentenced to three years behind bars for attempted robbery.

But that prison sentence will almost seem like a drop in the bucket for Joseph Carter after his latest guilty pleas in two unrelated cases.

Carter, 29, faces up to 12 years in upstate under plea deals he recently reached with prosecutors for attempted robbery and attempted assault.

According to an indictment, the accused and an unidentified accomplice assaulted a woman on April 21.

The couple snatched the victim’s mobile phone and injured her with a “dangerous instrument”, namely a shopping cart, during the robbery, according to the indictment.

The indictment did not state the location of the incident or provide other details.

Carter remained at large for four days before being arrested on April 25.

Court documents from prosecutors said he was driving a 2003 Infiniti around 12.15pm when he blew through stop signs at two intersections in Mariners Harbor – Harbor Road and Brabant Street, and Brabant and Union Avenue.

Officers attempted to arrest Carter at Walloon Street and DeHart Avenue.

However, he fled the car and jumped a fence at the corner of Maple Parkway, according to court documents from prosecutors.

As the defendant did so, officers spotted a shiny metallic object that had fallen to the ground, prosecutors said.

The cops quickly grabbed Carter.

They later found a silver .25 caliber Titan semi-automatic handgun at the location where they had seen the object fall, prosecutors’ court documents said.

The gun was loaded.

Further investigation revealed that the accused’s driver’s license had been suspended 11 times.

“I ran away because I don’t have a license,” prosecutors’ court documents told officers.

Carter was charged with robbery, assault, criminal possession of firearms, criminal possession of firearms and aggravated operation of a vehicle without a license.

He resolved those charges by pleading guilty Wednesday in St. George State Supreme Court to attempted first-degree robbery.

In exchange, he will be sentenced to eight years in prison.

The defendant also pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree assault to satisfy charges stemming from an unrelated incident on Sept. 18, 2020, online state court records show.

Carter will get two to four years for attempted assault.

Sentences will be consecutive, meaning the defendant will serve a minimum of 10 years behind bars to a maximum of 12 years.

In addition to prison, Carter will be sentenced on May 2 to five years of post-release supervision.

Defense attorney Matthew Zuntag declined to comment on the case.

Assistant District Attorney Travis Atkinson is suing them.