Shopping center

A multi-profile shopping center will be opened in Moscow to facilitate the entry of Armenian producers into the Russian market

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 15, ARMENPRESS. In order to boost Armenia’s exports and support entrepreneurs, the Association of Armenian Businessmen and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia organized the presentation of the multi-profile shopping center “Bukhta Yug “in Yerevan, reports ARMENPRESS interested businessmen were introduced to the terms and conditions of participation in the work of the center.

“The development of the Armenian infrastructure in different countries is very important, because through them, Armenian goods reach the consumers of these countries much more easily. I welcome the establishment of the Bukhta Yug shopping center, where Armenian products can be sold on the Russian market without risk. Bukhta Yug is a huge trading platform where you can wholesale and retail Armenian agricultural products on favorable terms,” Economy Minister Vahan Kerobyan said.

He added that his ministry is ready to do everything possible to ensure that the new Bukhta Yug is in demand and functioning effectively. He urged Armenian exporters and traders to prioritize this particular infrastructure.

“Armenian agricultural producers and exporters have always faced this problem, and the president of the Tashir group of companies, Samvel Karapetyan, ordered the creation of an economic trade zone open to Armenian producers with priority rights. Today, one of the largest shopping centers in Moscow has already been purchased, and we have prepared attractive offers for Armenian manufacturers and exporters,” said Narek Karapetyan, First Vice President of Tashir Group of Companies, urging Armenian exporters to be active.

During the event, Viktor Grigoryan, General Manager of the Bukhta Yug Shopping Center, presented the strengths of the center, the commercial success already achieved and the conditions for renting the pavilions.

“Today, two Bukhta centers are already operating in Moscow. The main concept of the project is the wholesale and retail sale of food products, as well as construction products and furniture. At present, more than 100,000 goods are displayed in each center,” Grigoryan said.

The Bukhta Yug wholesale and retail center is the third such center in Moscow. The 270,000 square meter center, which plans to open its doors to consumers in September 2022, will house more than 2,000 stores and pavilions. The mall will feature a variety of merchandise sourced directly from vendors: fabrics, clothing, building materials and food.