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A lot to do with their huge class of free agents – The Athletic

Given that it’s Super Bowl week and things are going to start happening as soon as the window opens for business in the 2022 offseason, we better start getting past the practice moves and focus on the players. With all due respect to fine-tuning staffs not changing too much, the Cowboys will see the bulk of their personnel gains and losses. You know I’m not shocked to hear that Kellen Moore is back because I think he needs a major seasoning, but now that that’s behind us let’s get to defining the lineups with as much quality and depth as possible.

Despite all the bad memories of 2021, for many – and with good reason – it was still a great football team. Dallas has won 12 games, which it has only achieved three times since 1995. It was a very poor January, with demoralizing losses to Arizona and San Francisco, both at Arlington, which repelled the deceptions of a fairly flexible schedule. There’s no shortage of NFC East defenders in the comments section these days, but a reasonable person might agree that the 49ers’ easiest division game might be tougher than the Cowboys’ toughest division game.

Think about it.

For San Francisco, let’s say it’s a home game against Russell Wilson and the Seahawks, and for the Cowboys, was it their away game in Washington? You can’t tell me those six layups (twice against Washington, Philadelphia and the Giants), mostly positioned on the stretch, set up Dallas for the street fight in the playoffs against an opponent who fights every week during the vacation.