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5 gift choices in Camila Navas’ holiday basket

Camila Navas is an artist, designer and founder of nlumec – the company behind sculptural, modern candles that only get more beautiful the longer they burn. Navas, originally from San Francisco, grew up frequenting domestic and foreign art museums. After moving to Los Angeles for college and studying film, production and museum curation, she followed her growing love for the world of art and design by transferring to New York to complete her degree. “I was really drawn to the gallery lifestyle,” says Navas. In fact, Camila remembers her beginnings in the city with days spent dreaming in museums and experimenting with painting and sculpture under the guidance of her teachers. After her studies, she continued to pursue her passion for art, discovering the universality and global reach of the world of modern design – it was then that she decided to be part of it, “I started nlumec to be part of the conversation and bring light to people during a truly dark time.

Camila Navas, founder of @design_milk @nlumec, shares the intention behind the brand’s modern candles and shares her holiday gift picks on the Design Milk site. 🔗#fyp ♬ original sound – Design Milk

Camila and nlumec co-founder Alejandro then created a line of candles that are more than just candles – these “objects of contemplation” invite users to reflect on their relationship to form and are the creators of experiences warm and intimate in and of themselves. Each nlumec creation is carefully constructed using sustainable, renewable materials (no containers = less waste!) and is designed to make a sculptural statement in your home even when unlit. Tip: These make an extra-special gift this holiday season. But what modern choices are Camila excited about on vacation? Let’s take a look in his basket and find out. Plus, keep an eye on our Instagram this month for a chance to win one of Camila’s picks.

Gravis candle by nlumec

“The Gravis candle is one of three candles in our range of objects of contemplation. Gravis means dignified, heavy, heavy – so I really wanted to create a design-driven candle that completely takes the container away. Usually candles are poured into glass, ceramic or stone and here we have completely removed the container so that the candle itself becomes the burning container. We always say that to take advantage of the light you have to erase the art. It is a somewhat tender gesture. These candles are meant to be treated as sculptures as well as an intimate experience. I think candlelight has a religious aspect to it – it brings people together, you can enjoy meals around candlelight, so I really wanted to bring something special to the design world.


Turbine Clock by Wooj Design

Turbine Clock by Wooj Design

“I’m a big fan of this clock from Wooj design. We are actually good friends and are working on a collaboration that should be released in the next few months. Their work is super holistic as it is applied to their design thinking. They have a team full of extremely talented designers and I love everything they have been able to create.


Desk mat by Orbitkey

Desk mat by Orbitkey

“Lately I’ve been browsing the Design Milk website to find the perfect gift for my loved ones. My boyfriend has his own business like me, and I know he loves anything that adds a design element to his post. This desk mat from Orbitkey is something I think he would absolutely love for the sleek design and utilitarian attributes it features.


John B. beige sweater by the painter's wife
Beast Blender + Hydration Bottle by Beast Health

Beast Blender + Hydration Bottle by Beast Health

“I recently received this beautiful blender from Beast Health and let me tell you, wow. I’ve had it for about two weeks and it’s the ultimate all in one. As someone who loves to cook, this blends beautifully with all my recipes.It’s also very important that any beloved counter space is dressed in beautifully crafted pieces and this blender is made for any design driven home.


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Alexa is a business writer at Design Milk. She lives in Miami, Florida, with her fiancé Alex and Phoebe, a retired greyhound. A lifelong art and design enthusiast, Alexa’s first stops in any new city are art museums. When she’s not writing about her favorite DM store picks, she can be buried in a book, watching reality TV, or venturing around her town with her partner and pup.