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14 best shopping list apps to download right now

You know the drill: you need a specific item, so you go to the grocery store to get it, only to stock up on everything else and forget about the item you actually need. Voila, all your meal planning just went out the window. This has happened to us more times than we can count and we always ended up eating with the kids. Probably eating the same chicken dish you would have made at home.

But the good news is that there are several grocery apps out there that can make this little oversight old (well, recent) history. Sure, you can use a good old-fashioned grocery list, but it’s very easy to forget about it and leave it at home. When you use these apps, the list will be on your phone and (hopefully) you won’t leave it behind. So turn on your phone’s wifi and download the best shopping list apps now (or at least pick one and try it).

1. Our races

The Our grocery app synchronizes the shopping lists of your whole family. So let’s say you head to the store and your son realizes he’s out of jerky. He can add it to the list, and you’ll see it before you leave the store without jerky.

2. List Ease

Like the Our Groceries app, you can sync your family’s shopping lists. But List facility also lets you virtually cut coupons and add them to the list, so they’re ready whenever someone needs them.

3. More milk

The Out of Milk App also syncs lists and also lets you add items using Alexa or the Google voice assistant. It also comes with handy checklist templates to help you know what you’ll need for things like party planning, cleaning your house, and applying herbal products.

4. Return

The Flip app has all the bells and whistles of the other apps on this list, but with an added bonus. Flipp automatically searches for coupons for your favorite grocery brands and scans your local supermarket’s flyer so you know what’s on sale and when to stock up.

5. iQ Grocery

If you’ve done your shopping before and come across a product that you don’t necessarily need right now, but might be interested in in the future, the iQ Grocery App is for you. Simply take a photo of the product and the app will add it to your next shopping list.

6. Grocery Friend

If you’re always on the hunt for supermarket bargains, you’ll want to download the grocery friend at present. This takes the guesswork out of which store around you (including big box stores like Target and Walmart) has the best prices on the products you love.

7. Buy me a pie

The Buy Me a Pie app not only helps you create lists, but it also lets you customize those lists based on the layout of the aisles in your regular grocery store. Gone are the days of forgetting something in the produce section and having to work your way uphill through the grocery store to get the garlic.

8. Big Oven

The Big Oven app is what you get when you cross shopping lists and social media. Of course, you can curate your own list, but you can also compare yours with friends’ lists to see what they’ve bought and cooked to inspire you.

9. Delicious

Although it’s not technically a shopping list app, Delicious allows you to scan the products you have at home to determine what you can do from the pantry, fridge and freezer. It then automatically adds everything you might need for a recipe to your shopping list.

10. Meals

If your grocery app could have eyes and ears in your kitchen, then Meal would it be. Not only can you keep tabs on what you have or don’t have in your pantry and fridge, this app will also organize your shopping list and spit out the recipes you have stored. Think of it as a meal/calendar manager that will help you create a suitable shopping list for your next meal.


Let’s say you’re late for work or picking up school and won’t be able to get to the grocery store to pick up your list of ingredients for tonight’s dinner. This is not a problem. With AnyList, you can share your shopping list with anyone. And if you make changes while they’re already in the supermarket, no problem, AnyList makes an instant update for everyone who shares the list. It also groups foods by category so you don’t have to backtrack to produce because you forgot an onion.

12. Keychains

Some people like to collect stamps while others collect grocery coupon cards. Hey, a hobby is a hobby, no judgment here. But if you’re looking for an easier way to access all those cards, skip the clutter in your wallet and consolidate all your rewards and memberships in one place. That’s when Keychains comes into clutch. By the way, Key Ring isn’t just for groceries, your memberships at Target, Walmart, your local drugstore chain, and even office supply chains can all be brought together in one app.

13. Cozi Family Organizer

Suppose your teenagers want to add items and snacks to your shopping list but cannot reach you or you are already at the supermarket. No problem with Cozi Family Organizer, the app easily connects the whole family so everyone can add their own requests. The app organizes the lists by sections so you don’t grab apples, then milk, then mushrooms, then meat. The app can connect up to 12 users so your nanny, grandparents, housekeeper or house sitter can all have access if you wish.

14. Mealime

This app allows you to plan your meals according to particular dietary restrictions and preferences and once you have completed your perfect menu, it adds all the ingredients to your shopping list for easy reference at the supermarket. No more adding ingredients one by one, you can have a grocery list ready to go in minutes!

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