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10 chic pieces from San Marina in my Spring/Summer basket


New things approach the satisfaction you feel when you browse the Internet to come across a site that offers the type of fashion pieces you particularly like. If you’re a busy mom and entrepreneur like me, you’ll understand how excited I get every time I don’t have to step out of my house to make a purchase. This was especially the case when I spotted the exact shade of a neon shoulder bag I had been coveting for a while in San Marina. I was immediately drawn in so I continued to explore the site.

What’s not to love about spring-summer fashion? It seems as soon as the weather warms up, the fairy godmother of shopping seems to dust her pixie dust, and we’re off adding both comfort shopping and utilitarian finds to our carts. As I marveled at the eclectic pieces soon to be mine from San Marino, it was a bit surprising that the brand has been around for 40 years and I was just beginning to discover them. Better late, right?

What I discovered San Marina

San Marina’s French fashion origin is evident in its collection of timeless, effortless and minimalist shoes and bags. From menswear to womenswear, the pieces boast a mix of classic and on-trend – typical of millennials Parisian. Think dynamic staples that spice up every step. One thing European fashion is famous for is leather, and with leather bags and shoes honed in Portugal and Italy, the quality and finish of San Marina’s pieces seem trustworthy. That last one is important because I can’t begin to talk about the embarrassment of a tainted leather shoe in public. The horror!

Check out 10 of my favorite San Marina finds…

#1. The Balagne bag

As a fashion girl who loves classic designs more, this San Marina crocodile skin bag resonates with my need to step out in effortless style. And the fact that the straps are versatile enough to be worn as a shoulder bag is much appreciated because––Honey, when you go out with two children, you need both hands free to EVERYTHING time.


#2. A backpack for the road

I’ve already imagined myself on a casual day, strutting around the streets of Manhattan with this mini backpack. Could it be my longtime affair with the black color or the carefully structured frame of the bag? Either way, this beauty offers functional, casual sophistication. It’s not hard to imagine a “cool mom” maxi dress and sneakers look with this Bagouz bag.

mini black backpack


#3. Studded sandals for an effortlessly chic entrance

The beach has my name written all over it, especially as summer approaches, so you can’t blame me for my current obsession with sandals. Surely these shoes should be on every fashion girl’s spring/summer shopping list, and what better way to stand out this season than with some pastel studded sandals? Whether it’s a floral print maxi dress or a figure-hugging wrap skirt paired with a tee, any basic look can be spruce up with this beauty.

pastel colored flat sandals

#4. Metallic leather shimmer

Metals are a girl’s best friend, right next to diamonds. Consider this handbag my Spring/Summer evening facilitator, and my legion of matching metallic shoes will certainly be happy to welcome a new member to the force.

blush metallic bag


#5. Trendy sneakers for victory

Fast forward to recent times and pairing sneakers with just about anything in your closet has become the norm. Fashion has slowly demystified the notion that easily linked it to discomfort, i.e. “no pain no gain.” At the moment, a comfortable and chic pair of sneakers goes well with a tailored ensemble, as well as dresses of all silhouettes. Needless to say, these sneakers hit the expected sartorial mark.

blue and white baby sneakers


#6. Stay fluorescent with neon colored bags

Everything in neon color remains the diamond of the season. A ready pop of color infused into any outfit, whether minimalist or maximalist, is sure to make a longtime statement. As the young people say, this bag passes the “vibe check!”

neon green leather bag


#seven. Oh, the practicality of the TARLIA necklace!

I can already picture myself finishing a ruffled skirt and peasant blouse with this whimsical necklace that doubles as a phone holder. A fancy spring/summer accessory for sure; and absolutely perfect for keeping your phone close during quick errands or during busy times at the airport. I’m sold!



After wearing this villain, it’s been hard to see myself spending the summer without a unique straw hat. It definitely makes every look Rave-worthy! This must-have doubles as sun protection and can be teamed with everything from an oversized button-up shirt to a summer mini dress.

San Marina Spring Straw Hat


#9. Derby shoes for the boo

As Father’s Day is only a few weeks away, it occurred to me that these dapper derbies are a perfect gift for the husband. The other day, I noticed him drooling over my trendy pair of derbies. Something tells me that these San Marina Seluri Derbies will once again prove how attentive I am to his needs. Nope?


#ten. Boots because, why not?

The cold season may be behind us, but nothing beats curating your wardrobe ahead of the seasonal rush. Okay, I admit it: that’s only part of the reason why I preferred these boots. My affinity towards them is actually their unassuming aura. They almost look like the poster child for “Know your value, then add the taxes.“And for obvious reasons, they elevate everything. From puffy skirts to skinny pants, the Alena ankle boots exude effortless class and needless to say I’m in love! It doesn’t hurt that they’re on sale right now.

black ankle boots

Featured Image: sanmarina_official | instagram

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